Mosaic of Voices
and Looks

From Spanish Documentary Film during the Transition to the Documentary Panorama. In addition to the Official Selections, Documenta Madrid presents...

A rising star

Turkish documentary flourishes in an increasingly polarized political climate. Turkey became the center of global attention following the Gezi...

Why separate people?

MAMA EUROPA Director Petra Seliskar, Slovenia, 2013, 90 min Mother Europe gave birth to many children. She raised them with love and with care....

Are victims interesting?

TO THE WOLF Director Aran Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou, Greece, 2013, 74 min. Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan is a film by Luis Buñuel from...

Pragmatic people

An interview with Robert Reich from the documentary Inequality for All Robert Reich provides an impassioned lesson about the economy and the...

A Museum of Amnesia

Guzmán’s work centres around Chile and its political development from Allende’s Chile in the 70s to the Chile of today, and thus very much...